More than theory, sometimes an example can be illustrative enough. The “anti-princess” pedagogy is an indispensable prerequisite to guide the learning scenarios towards real and effective equality and equity amongst girls and boys. In previous posts, we have seen how fairy tales represent a valuable tool to get children identify the traditional roles that need to be broken down.

Nevertheless, sometimes we come across treasures such as “Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls”; a precious book which gathers the mini biographies of extraordinary women along history. Its striking power can be enhanced if the didactic exploitation considers the social reality of the times; and how attitudes and beliefs that today would not be admitted were “normal” until recent times. Undoubtedly, this fact gives an idea on the tremendous difficulties these women overcame, their strength and will power.

Apart from recognising these historical figures as solid foundations of gender equality, a deeper reflection should lead to attain non-discriminative schooling learning contexts, using the book as inspiration to guide children into the urgent principles of the matter under consideration. After all, this is one of the guiding principles of our Constitution, isn´t it?

Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls By Favilli and Cavallo
Video: Rebel Girls:


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