In previous articles we have referred to the use of the fictional space stories to foster indispensable social values like gender equality from the FL area, and some of the possible didactic uses that those contexts may bring about.

However, there are some other kinds of stories, like “Stories of a Village”, published on YouTube by SV QF, which show the tremendous inequalities that girls suffer around a vast extension in our world, where girls do not have access to basic rights like education and professional development.

The determination and resilient spirit of the main character is an inspiring example on both personal improvement and social commitment. At the same time, these real stories depict a harsh truth of subjugation of women as an accepted social behaviour in different cultures; but also within our so-called modern society.

Undoubtedly, it is the teacher´s task to select the appropriate stories for children, considering the emotional impact that they may entail on children, in addition to the connected linguistic benefits. In this light, “Stories of a Village” represent those “children-friendly” stories environments that capture the essence of the message we want to instil. There are millions of girls like Cherono whose voice needs to be listened… And after all there is no better language than English to send international messages to the world through technologies.

Video by: SV QF


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