Storytelling in the classroom as a teaching strategy.

Storytelling in the classroom as a teaching strategy.


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The power of storytelling

Text extracted from: Programación y Unidades Didácticas. Método de elaboración y presentación oral.

An indispensable use of ICT in this programming may be considered under the heading of communication and digital learning community. Indeed, the eTwinning context facilitates a twofold communicative strategy: using ICT for instant and real communication in controlled scenarios (i.e. a Skype conversation with a partner school in our community or abroad through a European program); and making use of the digital resources to investigate, search information, find out answers, watch stories, and so on. The former implies an immediate motivating reward, since they shall be interacting with project-mates from other countries; the later can increase children´s exposure to the language, even out of the formal setting of the classroom. A prime example can be the teacher´s design of a FL blog, which shall turn into an indispensable instrument to develop the eTwinning project. Besides, the FL blog acts as a versatile resource:
•Being a repository of children´s practical knowledge through the inclusion of samples of children´s works (i.e. a role-play in which they act out the version of a story).
•Engage children in “hidden-practice” of the FL by challenging them to listen or read something the teacher has uploaded. Some examples may be listening to a song while reading the lyrics to get familiar with the language, as the next day´s challenge consists of writing alternative lyrics; reading the rules of the next day´s playground English games; or listening to a YouTube story video to come up with the values and emotions they identify to report back to their mates the next session.


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    We can, of course, revisit familiar tales such as “The Three Little Pigs” or “Beauty and the Beast,” but what stories do we utilize when we exhaust our lists of tried and true stories? How do we mix it up?  One way to to bring a fresh perspective on storytelling into the classroom is by using ready-made short film, or “shorts.” These videos are often beautifully animated, and are a great tool for engaging students with new material.

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