One of the greatest “hooking factors” in our job as teachers is the fact that it is by its very nature a creative job. It permits the design of limitless learning scenarios where the common aims are the development of a taste for English; and of course the attainment of a certain degree of communicative competence.

In previous articles, we have made reference to the use of storytelling and songs as isolated techniques. However, an interesting twist of the screw may be the combination of both stories and music to come up with a different product or outcome. In the implementation of this technique there is an obvious twofold benefit; on the one hand, children are involved in the context of an attractive story that can be the springboard for elaborated tasks like dramatisations, creative collective writing, contest about the plot of the story (to work on specific comprehension) using Plickers app.

On the other hand, music is always a winning horse when it comes to arousing children´s interest and involvement. In this case, Stand by Me entails the advantage of an easy tempo which facilitates fixing new lyrics.

Lyrics (new version).

Alice is-a girl-who sleeps by a tree

And she dreams-of a world of-fantasy.

When she drinks-she shrinks

And gets into a hole

Where she meets-many crazy-animals.


When she eats-the cake-she grows so tall

So she cries-as she wants to-be small.

Then she swims-in her tears-and finds a mouse

A mad hatter-a white rabbit-in a house


So Alice, Alice wake up- wake up

It´s only a dream, don’t be scared

It is just your-fantasy


And the Queen-of hearts- behaves really bad

As she wants everybody-lose their head.

But the Alice-eats again-and feels very strong

And the cards-aren´t a problem-anymore.


So Alice, Alice wake up- wake up

It´s only a dream, don’t be scared

It is just your-fantasy

Karaoke version:

In you want to see the real product  after having worked with our students, just click.

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