What do you want to learn? Current trends in education



Text extracted from thbook: Temario de oposiciones Inglés-Primaria: Self-learning method.



An important point for teachers to bear in mind is that children concentrate and listen with understanding more effectively if they are motivated and engaged in meaningful activities while listening. It is important, therefore, to remember that listening is not a passive activity. Children will be involved in the active process of listening if they see the purpose of the task. We can do this by using activities which actively support learners’ understanding and guide their attention to specific parts of the spoken text.

Generating initial motivation and maintaining a positive attitude. At early stages of FLL, children are especially receptive to the fun component and the surprise element. In this sense, introducing lessons through familiar and contextualised learning scenarios is indispensable to engage them and attract their interest. Therefore, as we shall subsequently illustrate, the use of games, stories, songs and playful interactions is at the heart of motivating teaching practice in FLT. Notwithstanding, there is an intrinsic value in the teaching of FLs which can be associated to the learners´ interest.


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