Earth Day – Classroom resources. Transversal elements

Green schools initiative: Earth Day ideas and activities.

Text extracted from the book: Temario de oposiciones Inglés-Primaria. Self-learning method. Authors: Mariano Muñoz & Tomás Navarro-Soto


According to Article 7 in the Curriculum Act for Primary Education (RD 126/14), the students must develop the capacities allowing them to favour working habits, showing responsibility and self-confidence in their work. Additionally, they will practise coexistence values and social abilities, together with transversal elements like road safety education and environmental care. Moreover, the knowledge of the different subjects will enhance their interest and creativity in learning, developing critical attitudes and personal.


A key issue that has been previously highlighted is that the main goal to be attained in our FL learners is the acquisition of a certain degree of communicative competence; that is to enable the learner to communicate through oral and written means. We, as FL teachers, should be aware of the different learning theories and take into account the legal framework to provide sufficient support and scaffold for learners to understand. In order to do so, we should ensure and engaging context where the resources and the organisation are focused on a “stress-free atmosphere”; and also make the “ludic principle” a part of the process, where all the actions are based on a vivid, colourful and relevant organisation, and where the students feel involved in the acquisition of “memorable learning”. We cannot forget the importance of the Key Competences, the transversal elements and the development of the four macroskills or integrated skills (listening, reading, speaking and writing) and the eight Multiple Intelligences coined by Howard Garner.


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