Once we have identified the topic and explored some related ideas, it is high time to come up with an effective thesis statement. In a few words, an effective thesis statement should be the “driving force” of the essay; and should contain the essence of the whole essay.

A thesis statement concentrates the essential ideas in a few sentences, maybe two or three. It introduces the topic of our paper and should also clarify the writer´s position in relation to the topic; and of course should give clues on what the paper is about and help guide subsequent writing.

Writing an effectively this initial part of the essay may start by asking ourselves several questions based on our “prewriting”, that shall for sure help give shape to a powerful message. In general terms, it seems obvious that we should avoid burying this weighty part in the middle of a paragraph. A simple structure organised around the idea of: hook, transition and thesis statement may turn into an original proposal.

Some practical tips to consider before trying our hand can be:

  • A good thesis statement must be focused, not too general.
  • The claims in it will be further developed in the essay.
  • The thesis statement is the result of a reflection upon the “mind map” with the main ideas for the whole text.
  • Try to introduce an original and non-controversial position towards the topic.
  • Somehow, the thesis statement is the roadmap for the whole essay, where we, as writers, must take a stand.
  • Place correctly in the text, in a prominent place, considering that its location may vary according to the strategy we adopt and the effect we want to achieve.

However, most importantly, remember that it is constant practice and some guiding feedback that lead to excellence in writing a hooking introduction.

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